Ro Tae-hyung’s birth → Dinosaur gusts → Kim Won-hyung’s hard → LG KS winning party?→SSG New Command Tower → APBC → FA War? turbulent autumn

In the fall of 2023, there will be no shortage of stories hitting the KBO. What’s interesting is that issues outside of the postseason are just as powerful as, if not more powerful than, the postseason in shaping the game of baseball. After all, the postseason is the LG Twins’ first regular season and Korean Series title in 29 years. The Stubrig is now in sight.굿모닝토토 주소

In fact, the Stobrig has already started with the end of the regular season. This year’s regular season ended later than usual, creating an atmosphere similar to that of the Stovrig. Crucially, the Lotte Giants, one of the two most popular teams in the nation alongside the KIA Tigers, immediately broke the news of a managerial change.

Kim Tae-hyung’s spectacular comeback sparked an explosive response, as it aligned with the needs of the majority of Lotte fans. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, expectations for Kim and Lotte are likely to rise again when spring training begins next year. The appointment of Park Joon-hyuk, who has done a good job, also seems to have given Kim a boost.

While the Lotte issue marked the start of the Stobrig, the postseason was dominated by the NC Dinos. NC started with a wild-card decider against the Doosan Bears and culminated with a semi-playoff sweep of the SSG Landers. In the playoffs, they dominated KT Wiz in the first two games of the playoffs and looked to be headed to the Korean Series, but KT came out on top and made it to the Korean Series.

Also during the playoffs, SSG made headlines by suddenly firing head coach Kim Won-hyung. It’s even more surprising that the decision to fire last year’s unified champion coach after one year of a three-year contract was made from within the organization, rather than from the top down by owner Jung Yong-jin. Still, many say it’s even more awkward that the most active of the 10 owners didn’t make a top-down decision on the coach.

The Korean Series between LG and KT was a one-run game until Game 3. A coach from another sport also admitted that he enjoyed watching the Korean Series in his spare time. He’s friends with KT head coach Kim Tae-gyun, and when he greeted Lee Kang-cheol, who was new to Changwon, he laughed that KT had made the playoffs with a reverse sweep.

In any case, it turned out that LG was outclassed by KT in terms of batting power and bullpen depth. KT has the advantage in the starting lineup, but they are unable to maximize the strength of their lineup because they are outclassed by LG in the bullpen battle. In the end, the LG bats were evenly matched against the KT starters until the middle of the game. With nine games already played, the energy drain on KT is significant. The Korean Series will likely end with LG’s first overall title in 29 years.

After the Korean Series, SSG will be in the spotlight once again. SSG has stated that it will speed up the process of hiring a new head coach immediately after the Korean Series. There are many rumors, but until the announcement is made, no one knows the ending.

At the same time, the second edition of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship will be held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan starting on the 16th. Ryu Joong-il is at the helm again. The team will be composed mainly of members of the Hangzhou Asian Games, but LG and KT players who participated in the Korean Series will be excluded from the final roster. The APBC will be a test of the young Korean team’s competitiveness in Asia.

After the APBC, the resurrected Secondary Draft on the 22nd, and the 2023-2024 free agency market, the flower of Stavrig, will open. Compared to previous years, there are no S-class or super-sized free agents. But there will be movement, and change, one way or another. There’s nothing more exciting than a war of attrition.

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