Is Soto the right replacement for the transfer? SD is also keeping an eye on Lee Jung-hoo… Expecting a reunion of the Seong-Hoo line

Following the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees, the San Diego Padres are also keeping an eye on ‘KBO League icon’ Lee Jeong-hoo (25). Expectations are rising that Lee Jeong-hoo and Kim Ha-seong will be in the same team lineup again. In fact, Lee Jeong-hoo showed an aloof reaction. 

Lee Jeong-hoo knocks on the door of Major League Baseball (MLB) through the post system (private competitive bidding). Both the MLB and KBO leagues are nearing the end of the postseason. The MLB Secretariat’s posting announcement is just around the corner. 

The American media’s interest in Lee Jung-hoo is intense. The same goes for the club. San Francisco dispatched general manager Pete Putilla to Korea to coincide with the return of Lee Jung-hoo from a left ankle injury. Local media often claimed that the New York Yankees, whose outfield strength was weakened, should recruit Lee Jeong-hoo. 

카지노사이트This time it’s San Diego. Ha-Seong Kim’s current team is a team with players worth over $200 million, including Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Xander Bogaerts. 

The reason Lee Jeong-hoo’s move to San Diego came to light was because San Diego, which failed to advance to the postseason (PS) this season, raised the possibility of using a highly paid player as a trade card to reduce its total annual salary. The league’s leading outfielder, Juan Soto, has come up for sale, and the point is that San Diego, which let him go, must recruit Lee Jung-hoo to maintain its strength. 

The East Village Times, which mentioned this, said on the 29th (Korean time), “For San Diego general manager AJ Preller, who is aiming for offensive consistency (reduction of ups and downs) next season, ‘Korean free agent player (Lee Jeong-hoo)’ could be the answer.” He said. The media also reported that San Diego officials are already considering recruiting Lee Jeong-hoo. 

San Francisco, New York Yankees, and San Diego are all teams that suffer from a decline in outfield power. Considering the actions of the three teams that are not stingy with their investments, there is a possibility that other teams with weak outfield skills will join the race to recruit Lee Jeong-hoo. 

When Lee Jung-hoo joins San Diego, he will become teammates again with Kim Ha-seong, with whom he played for 4 seasons (2017-2020) for the Kiwoom Heroes of the KBO League. Interest in San Diego is also growing. 

Lee Jung-hoo laughed at this possibility ahead of the Samsung Lions game on the 10th, the final home game, saying, “(Kim) Ha-seong’s value has risen so much that he could be traded.” 

Kim Ha-seong’s contract with San Diego runs until 2024. If the mutual option is exercised, he will play one more season (2025) at an annual salary of $8 million. San Diego general manager Preller attempts to recruit unconventional players, enough to be called ‘Mad Men.’ There are also predictions that Kim Ha-seong could be used as a trade card. 

When asked if there was an MLB pitcher he would like to face ahead of the opening of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) last March, Lee Jeong-hoo said “everyone.” In a recent interview, ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin was mentioned. 

First of all, I feel aloof from my new team. He said, “I only know about famous teams such as the Yankees and LA Dodgers. My agent will take care of (the contract issue).” Ha-seong Kim also laughed off the possibility of playing on the same team as Jeong-hoo Lee at a press conference on his return to Korea on the 11th, saying, “We played together once (at Kiwoom)…” 

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