Daegu FC’s undefeated home streak broken, ‘there is also income’

Daegu FC, who entered the final round with a packed crowd, suffered a disappointing loss to Jeonbuk Hyundai, breaking their 11-game undefeated home streak.

In the 34th round match against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at DGB Daegu Bank Park on the 21st, Daegu FC aimed to rise in the rankings with a win based on their performance of not losing in the last 7 games, but lost 1-2. .

Jeonbuk, who had been completely defeated by Daegu at home in the last match, went into the game with a lot of preparation. Jeonbuk put strong pressure on Daegu at the start of the game and took the lead with Han Kyo-won’s first goal, and Daegu immediately tied the game with a goal scored by Edgar.

The two teams, who finished the first half tied 1-1, targeted the opponent’s goal several times in the second half with the determination that they would not be satisfied with just one point, and Daegu created scoring chances with the speed of Barcellus and the height of Edgar, and ended up scoring with the combination of the two players  . We even got a penalty kick, but we swallowed our disappointment as the PK was canceled after video review.

They tried to turn the atmosphere around with a replacement card, but instead Beltola allowed a penalty kick while defending in front of the goal just before the end of the game, which ultimately led to Gustavo’s winning goal, ending the game.

Daegu, which had been aiming for an undefeated streak of 12 games at home, ended its five-month hunt for home points after the game against Ulsan on May 5, and finished the season with 2 wins, 2 losses, and a tie against Jeonbuk.

Regarding the disappointing loss, coach Choi Won-kwon said, “It’s always a bad feeling to lose a game, but soccer is the result, and I felt that Jeonbuk prepared well.” “They have always been a stronger opponent than us, and I think our players also performed well at home,” he said, expressing his determination to focus on preparing for the next game.

Although it was disappointing that the victory was missed and the home undefeated streak was broken, Daegu once again showed the excitement of DGB Daegu Bank Park with a full crowd in the first game of the final round, and the Angel Club and Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo, who participated in the brand day, also raised their expectations even higher. Enjoy the excitement of Daegu soccer.

Although Daegu did not score any points in the game, it was meaningful in that Daegu found a way to attack the opponent’s defense to some extent with the combination of Edgar-Baselus-Beltola without Sejingha.온라인카지노

Additionally, it is noteworthy that Edgar’s goal, which marked his 7th goal of the season, was scored with his first foot rather than a header, which was his scoring route throughout the year.

In response to the criticism that Park Se-jin, who started as a starter, showed unsatisfactory performance, coach Choi Won-kwon said that Park Se-jin needs more growth and that he is doing well despite experiencing growing pains, and that he is in the process of preparing for Lee Jin-yong’s enlistment, adding that he is in the process of preparing for Jin-yong Lee’s enlistment. It shows preparation for next season.

Even in the absence of Sejingha, Daegu continues to use a lot of forward pressure and has gained the benefit of tactical diversity and potential, and will challenge for their first win against Ulsan of the season in the upcoming match against Ulsan.

Coach Choi Won-kwon also expressed his desire for an away victory in Ulsan, saying he would prepare well for each player through various video analysis along with his determination for an away victory. 
(Photo courtesy of Daegu FC)

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