‘Confirmation of complete defeat’ Coach Heejin Ko “GS did very well, and we were shaken a lot.”

 It was a defeat without excuses.

Women’s professional volleyball team Jeonggwanjang lost with a set score of 0-3 (21-25 22-25 17-25) in the away game against GS Caltex in the first round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th.

On the 17th, in the first game of the season, against IBK Industrial Bank, they won 3-0. He attempted to win two games in a row that day, but failed.

It was a banquet party. He poured out 20 items, twice as many as the opponent’s 10 items. This is the reason why a tie and a reversal were allowed even though the team was ahead. Even when we had to launch a counterattack, we were caught up in the crime.

The team was significantly behind in attack success rate (35.45%-43.88%) and receiving efficiency (22.73%-47.17%). Although they had an advantage in blocking with 11-9, they were inferior in serving with 0-3.

Apogit spiker Mega Watty Puttywi (registered name Mega), a non-Asia quota player, put up a lonely fight. He was the only player on the team to score double digits. He scored 21 points (38.78% attack success rate) with two blocks. Other than that, no player reached 10 points. 

Giovanna Milana (registered name Zia) scored 8 points (25.81% attack success rate) and recorded 7 errors. Outside hitter Park Hye-min added 8 points with 2 blocks (42.86% attack success rate), and middle blocker Park Eun-jin added 7 points with 3 blocks (57.14% attack success rate).

On the other hand, at GS Caltex, Apogee Spiker Giselle Silva (registered name Silva) scored 30 points (53.19% attack success rate), the most of both teams, including 9 back-end attacks, 3 blocking, and 2 serves. The Triple Crown (3 or more successes in back attack, blocking, and serve in one game) was only one serve short. Outside hitter Kang So-hwi contributed 14 points (47.83% attack success rate) with 3 blocks.

After the game, Coach Jeong Kwan-jang Ko Hee-jin said, “Even though it was the first game of the season, the opponents’ movements were quite light. I thought Silva was really powerful. We were ahead in one or two sets and then lost. We could have done well if our performance had not wavered. “I think the opponent played very well and we were shaken a lot,” he said.

The match between Silva and Mega stood out. Coach Go said, 온라인카지노“We shouldn’t go with that structure. Mega is an Asian quota player, and Silva is a foreign player.” He said, “Looking at Jia’s expression today (the 20th), she seemed to have lost a lot of confidence. It would have been better for her to show up like this sooner,” and added, “I will talk to the player about why she did that and what she was lacking. Looking forward to getting better in the future.” “I will do my best to show my performance,” he said.

GS Caltex’s defense also struggled. Coach Ko said, “Not only GS Caltex, but all V-League defenses are good. We prepared an attack to suit that situation, but today it didn’t show anything like that at all.” He added, “The setters were shaky, but the attackers need to fix it to make up for it.” “I was anxious overall. I will improve,” he said.

Setter Yeom Hye-sun looked somewhat disappointed. Coach Ko raised his voice, saying, “Words are no longer enough. Exercise is something you do with your body, not your mouth,” and added, “We will solve this problem through practice.”

How did you view the play of middle blockers Jeong Ho-young and Park Eun-jin? The two were unable to participate in much of their team’s training because they were with the women’s volleyball team in the off-season. Coach Ko said, “Park Eun-jin’s movements were a little good. Jung Ho-young couldn’t get his rhythm at all. He knows that,” and added, “Now that we’ve played two games, we’ll prepare to improve quickly.”

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