Pedi and Koo Chang-mo are not able to appear, and Park Geon-woo is also not intact… 4th place NC’s uneasy WC match

Pedi is excluded from entry… Park Geon-woo is also in poor condition due to a knee injury, so
if he loses the first game, he will be at a disadvantage in the fight for selection in the second game… Song Myung-ki vs Brandon

‘Super Ace’ Eric Peddy and native ace Koo Chang-mo are unable to appear, and even main hitter Park Geon-woo is not in perfect condition. Although they are in an advantageous position starting with one win, the NC Dinos’ wild card game does not seem to be easy at all.

NC will face the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason wild card match held at NC Park in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 18th.

There has never been a history in which the 4th place team lost in the wild card match, which first started in 2015 when the 10-team system was established. In 8 wild card matches, the 5th place won the first game and advanced to the second game only twice: in 2016 (KIA) and 2021 (Kiwoom).

The process itself is absolutely advantageous to 4th place. The 4th place team will advance to the semi-playoffs even if it wins or draws the first game, and the 5th place team must win both the 1st and 2nd games. Moreover, both games will be held at the home of the 4th place team.

This year, the format of the game has not changed, but the atmosphere is somewhat different from previous years. This is because the situation in 4th place NC is not very good.

As the fierce battle for 3rd to 5th place continued until the end of the season, NC had no choice but to fight all out until the end. It was an obvious choice because if they finished in third place, they would advance directly to the semi-playoffs and secure a rest day.

4th place is not the worst scenario, but it is still a disappointing result. Even 5th-place Doosan’s ranking was decided a day before the final game of the regular season, while NC’s ranking was confirmed only after playing until the last day.

Moreover, bad news occurred at the end of the season. Koo Chang-mo, who had returned from injury, was injured once again and was out for the season, and Peddie, who appeared in the game on the 16th to secure 3rd place, suffered an injury after being hit in the arm by a batted ball in that game. NC suffered a come-from-behind loss in that game and lost third place.

Fortunately, Peddie is not seriously injured, but it is still difficult for him to pitch in the wild card game. In his last appearance, he threw 90 pitches, so he needs at least 4 rest days, but he doesn’t have enough rest days to pitch on the 19th or 20th.

Accordingly, NC excluded Pedi from the entry altogether.

Before the final game of the season on the 17th, key hitter Park Geon-woo was also expunged from the first team. I felt pain in my knee during the game the day before, so it was for treatment.토토사이트

Fortunately, Park Geon-Woo had no problems participating in the game and was not left out of the entry list. However, there is great concern because there is no doubt that the body is not in perfect condition.

First of all, Doosan also seems to have left out its ace Raul Alcantara from the entry list due to difficulty pitching due to lack of rest days. NC will use Tanner Turley to face Doosan’s Kwak Bin in the first game on the 19th.

Up to this point, it’s a fight worth fighting. Tanner, who joined mid-season, performed well with 5 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 2.92 in 11 games.

The problem is if, by chance, they lose the first game and the second game takes place. At this time, NC plans to field right-hander Song Myung-ki, but the opponent will be foreigner Brandon Waddell. The match between Song Myeong-gi, a young gun with potential but still experiencing many ups and downs, and Brandon, a proven foreigner, is bound to be a losing battle.

From NC’s perspective, the best scenario is to conclude the series in the first game and prepare for the semi-playoffs. If they lose the first game, they may suffer the disgrace of being the fourth-place team to lose the wild card game for the first time in history.

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