“What have adults done for national team players?” Director Jeon Chang-jin’s retort

“There are things the players need to feel for themselves, but on the other hand, I want to ask what the adults have done for them.”

Busan KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin asked this question about the recent slump in Korean men’s basketball in international competitions.

On the 16th, the opening media day for the 2023-24 season Cheong Kwan-Jang professional basketball was held at the Seoul Olympic Parktel Olympia Hall. At the event venue, coaches and representative players from 10 professional basketball teams were present and submitted their entries expressing their strong will.

Although the event was held in a heavy atmosphere, the players’ unique questions and the coach’s sensible answers soon created a warm atmosphere. It was towards the end of the event that the flow changed again. On-site reporters asked coach Jeon Chang-jin, ‘Korean basketball has performed poorly in international competitions, so what should professional basketball show?’ This is interpreted as a question about the men’s basketball team’s record-low 7th place finish at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG), which ended on the 8th.

In response, coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “I’ve always said this, but I think it’s a question of whether the chicken or the egg came first,” and added, “(The national team’s performance) is not the fault of one person, but the fault of the entire team. “It’s a problem that all basketball people are aware of,” he said. He continued, “So far, no one has found a way to solve it. But the basketball fever continues to rise.안전놀이터 “If we do our best on the field, a new basketball boom will occur,” he said. 

Coach Jeon Chang-jin responded to the previous question when facing reporters after the event, saying, “The easiest thing to say is, check the budget allocated for the 2014 Incheon AG and 2022 Hangzhou AG national teams.” He added, “There are certainly things that players need to realize. However, he raised his voice, saying, “How can you reprimand players who have to play a tight schedule after playing 50 to 70 games?” Coach Jeon then mentioned the ‘Jincheon Athletes’ Village early morning workout’ and said, “There was talk about why basketball players didn’t come to the early morning workout. Has something like this ever been said in any other ball game? “It is the adults’ responsibility,” he said.

He said, “Basketball players need to reflect. If you listen to the players, all you hear is that the preparation process was very difficult. “The support from the Korea Basketball League (KBL, which hosts the professional league) and the club has its limits, so isn’t it up to the association next?” Goyang Sono coach Kim Seung-gi also shared similar opinions as coach Jeon Chang-jin. Coach Kim said, “I wonder if the support for the national team was 100%. “It’s wrong for people to say, ‘This kind of basketball shouldn’t be played,’ without providing proper support,” he said.

Disappointment toward the Korea Basketball Association, which oversees amateurs, has also been expressed by players. In particular, DB Kim Jong-gyu posted on his social media (SNS) on the 6th, “Korean basketball is not over. We must reflect now and feel deeply what went wrong. “The association asks us to help our juniors a little more,” he said. “We don’t ask for much.” He delivered the message, “Please pay a little more attention and help us become competitive.”

This season’s professional basketball is attracting attention from fans with star players such as Choi Jun-yong (KCC), Oh Se-geun (SK), and Yang Hong-seok (LG) wearing new uniforms. Attention is focused on whether concerns about international competitions can be made up for by the enthusiasm of the league.

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