‘Saudi sniping at Munich!’… why? “Ask yourself why that player only crashed in Munich.”

 Saudi Arabia’s general manager Marcelo Salazar Al Nasr sniped at Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. What is happening?

It’s because of striker Sadio Mane. 스포츠토토 Mane spent his golden years at Liverpool in the English Premier League before moving to Bayern Munich in 2022. Bayern Munich needed a replacement following the departure of key striker Robert Lewandowski, and recruited Mane to do so.

But Mane failed to live up to expectations. His explosive power disappeared during his time at Liverpool. Last season he appeared in 25 league games and scored just seven goals. Manet was at the center of criticism. Bayern Munich’s performance and performance also fell. Manet also caused controversy by showing an insincere attitude. A decisive incident also occurred. Mane was also disciplined for assaulting his teammate Leroy Sane. He was identified as the culprit of poor performance and team discord. 

Separation was inevitable. Bayern Munich decided to release Mane, and Mane, who had left Bayern Munich, moved to Al Nasr at the end of last season. 

Here, Mane found his explosive power again. This season he has appeared in 9 league games and scored 6 goals. Al Nasr is very satisfied with Mane’s performance.

In this situation, General Manager Salazar expressed his uncomfortable feelings toward Bayern Munich in an interview with Germany’s ‘TZ’. Mane’s competitiveness remains the same, but Bayern Munich caused him to fall. 

He said, “Bayern Munich should ask themselves why Mane only showed that way at Bayern Munich.”

He added, “Mane did not live up to expectations at Bayern Munich. If Mane did that, there is a reason for it. Bayern Munich must find the reason why Mane, their best player, did not show his best performance.”

Al Nasr Mane is very satisfied. He regained his athletic ability and smile. 

General Manager Salazar emphasized, “Al Nasr is very happy with Mane’s performance. Mane is happy at Al Nasr. He has accepted the new challenge. Mane is really smiling here.”

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