Six straight losses with three games to go…Hanwha in front of last-place ‘monopoly’ for fourth straight year Delete the number of cases 3 straight wins against Lotte

카지노This is how the Hanwha Eagles ranked after the KBO was reorganized into a 10-team league with KT Wiz joining in 2015. From 2020 to last year, they finished “last” for three consecutive years. After being in the mid-to-high teens until the mid-2000s, the team bottomed out eight times in the 14 years since 2009. It fell to the bottom in 2009-2010 (eight-team system) and 2012-2014 (nine-team system), cementing the image of “Hanwha = bad”.

During this period, newcomer KT Wiz finished last for three consecutive years starting in 2015. The Heroes, NC Dinos, and Lotte Giants each finished last once.

The “poison pill” you’ve been dying to avoid is right around the corner.

Last place for the fourth year in a row.

NC and Changwon away on the 10th. We lost 0-2. We fell to last place in 35 days. Against the best starting pitcher in the KBO, Eric Peddie, they were held scoreless until the sixth inning with seven hits. They had runners on base in every inning, but couldn’t get a hit. They also had one more hit than NC.

It was their sixth straight loss to end the regular season.

Earlier in the day, the 10th-ranked Kiwoom Heroes defeated the 8th-ranked Samsung Lions 5-3, dropping Hanwha to “last place. Heroes switched places with a record of 58 wins, 3 draws, 81 losses and a winning percentage of 0.4172, while Hanwha finished with 56 wins, 6 draws, 79 losses and a winning percentage of 0.4148. Hanwha trailed in win percentage without a win. Samsung remains in eighth place with one game in hand with 60 wins, 1 draw and 81 losses (0.426).

Samsung and the Heroes have two games left, while Hanwha has three. Samsung is scheduled to play SSG NC and the Heroes are scheduled to play KIA SSG. Hanwha has a final three-game series on April 14-16. Depending on the outcome of the remaining games, all three teams could fall to the ‘last place’.

Roh Si-hwan hits his 31st two-run home run of the season against the Heroes on September 22. Photo courtesy of the Hanwha Eagles

Song Jeong-heon 기자
There are a number of “what ifs,” but if Hanwha picks up three wins (0.4275) against Lotte, they can climb out of last place and into eighth place. This is true if Samsung goes 1-1 (0.4265) or 2-1 (0.4195). If Samsung wins 2 games (0.4335) and Hanwha wins 3 games (0.4275), they will be tied for 8th and 9th place. In this case, the Heroes are “last place” even if they win 2 games (0.4255).

If the Heroes finish with two losses (0.4113), Hanwha can go 1-2-2 (0.4130) and still avoid the ‘last place’.

With one more game to go, Hanwha seems to have the advantage. However, the team’s recent performance has been less than positive.

During the six-game losing streak, the team is 2-2 with a 6.56 ERA. The batting average is 1-5 with runners in scoring position, and the 3-5 center fielders are 1-8. The starting pitching has been terrible. Five losses, a 7.58 ERA, and three walks in six games.

Even foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez missed his last start with a left oblique injury. It is likely that either Kim Ki-jung or Han Seung-ju will start against Ita Yang’s Felix Peña.

Hanwha is 4-9 against Lotte this season. They have dropped their last four games.

It’s clear that their bats have sunk and they’re in a tough spot. But as Yogi Berra once said, it’s not over until it’s over.

Hanwha’s foreign pitcher Peña. Park Jae-man 기자
Hanwha went on a terrifying eight-game winning streak in June and July, including three straight wins against NC and Samsung earlier this month. NC’s vaunted “one-two punch” of Eric Peddy and Tanner Tully got the start in each game.

All’s well that ends well.

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