[Hangzhou Story] ‘4 Minute Whole’ Beats ‘0 Minute Whole’, Huang Sunhong’s ‘Most Special Gold Medalist’

With South Korean soccer winning the last three Asian Games, the story of Jeonbuk’s Kim Jong-hoon, who won the title after playing less than a minute, has been in the spotlight.카지노

Jeonbuk goalkeeper Kim Jong-hoon was included in the final 22-man roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which kicked off last month.

Kim is the only player on the 22-man roster to play zero minutes.

As a goalkeeper, he was the third goalkeeper to play in the tournament.

Hwang Sun-hong, the head coach of the Asian Games football team, utilized Lee Kwang-yeon (Gangwon) as the main goalkeeper. He used Min Sung-joon (Incheon) against Bahrain in the third round of the group stage after the team had already qualified for the round of 16.

Since Lee Kwang-yeon has been in goal since the round of 16, Kim Jung-hoon did not get a chance to play.

In terms of rotation, Hwang utilized all 19 players on the field.

No South Korean soccer player has ever won a tournament without playing a single minute between Incheon 2014 and Jakarta-Palembang 2018. This record makes Kim Jong-hoon even more special than a ‘free ride’.

It’s not that Kim didn’t play because he wasn’t good enough. He is the No. 1 goalkeeper for his club, Jeonbuk. He played in the U-23 Doha Cup in Qatar in March and the U-23 AFC CUP final qualifiers last month.

Hwang plans to utilize Kim as his main goalkeeper if Korea qualifies for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris, but for the Asian Games, he turned to Min Sung-joon, who is two years younger.

Kim may be disappointed that he didn’t get to play. However, Kim completed his national duty with Gimcheon Commerce from June 2021 to December last year. He is currently Hwang Sun-hong-ho’s “only military pilot. Unless you have to go to the military twice, you don’t need any military service benefits.

Even if he didn’t compete for a single minute without a uniform, Kim would still be eligible for military service benefits after winning the gold medal. In 2019, the government changed the system to allow athletes who are part of the national team to receive military service benefits even if they don’t play a single minute as part of a plan to improve the alternative military service system. This is to prevent situations like Kim Ki-hee’s “four minutes” from happening. At the 2012 London Olympics, Kim Ki-hee won a bronze medal after playing just four minutes in a game because of a rule that required athletes to play even one minute to receive military service benefits. This was the first Asian Games under the new system.

Experts say the role of the “number three goalkeeper” is crucial in tournament competition. They have the least chance of playing, but they have a lot more to do than you might think, including keeping the team in a good mood and keeping the No. 1 and No. 2 goalkeepers on their toes. At the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, South Korea reached the quarterfinals thanks in large part to the role of No. 3 goalkeeper Choi Eun-sung, who is synonymous with “atmosphere maker” and self-management.

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