[Hangzhou AG] Women’s 3×3 team’s ‘two minutes of grace’ fall to Japan… Fourth-place finish in doubt

It was a heartbreaking two minutes.

The Korean 3×3 women’s basketball team lost 16-19 against Japan in the 3×3 quarterfinals of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Deqing Geospatial Park court in Hangzhou, China on the 30th.

It was a disappointing loss. Korea, who played a close game with Japan, 메이저사이트 was tied at 16-16 with about 2 minutes left, and was narrowly behind at 16-17 with 1 minute and 30 seconds left.

However, the gap widened after allowing a decisive 2-point shot to Japan, and they were unable to overcome the score gap, which increased to 3 points, and lost. For Korea, Lee Da-yeon struggled with 7 points and Jeong Ye-rim with 6 points.

Korea took the lead early in the game with Jeong Ye-rim’s two-point shot. Afterwards, they lost the initiative by giving up a 2-point shot to Japan, but they continued to chase with Jeong Ye-rim’s putback score and breakaway score. Korea, who brought the game back to 7-7 with Lee Da-yeon’s goal with 5 minutes and 36 seconds left, then continued to engage in a seesaw game with Japan.

However, I was disappointed that I lost in the battle for concentration. In a close match, Korea was blocked by Japan’s defense and could hardly take the lead. On the contrary, Japan regained the lead by scoring two points. In the end, the loser was the one who was pushed back in a behind-the-scenes fight.

With this loss, Korea’s dream of competing for a medal in the quarterfinals was thwarted.

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