[Hangzhou Talk Talk] Why did the two teams get bronze medals? / Woo Sang-hyuk and the baseball team / Greetings are different each time

【 Anchor Comment 】
Today, we will discuss news from Hangzhou on Hangzhou Talk Talk.
Reporter Kim Moon-young of the Culture and Sports Department is here.

【 Question 1 】
Yesterday (26th), at the women’s table tennis team awards ceremony, our women’s national team received a bronze medal along with players from other countries. Isn’t the bronze medal originally only awarded to one team?

Yes, Thai players stood together with our women’s national team on the bronze medal podium at the women’s table tennis team awards ceremony held yesterday (26th).

In table tennis, bronze medals are awarded to all who are eliminated in the semifinals without a 3rd and 4th place match.

Considering the busy schedules and fatigue of athletes competing in multiple sports, there is no bronze medal match.

“Similarly, fencing, boxing, and taekwondo, which require considerable physical strength and pose a risk of injury, do not have bronze medal matches.”

There are also cases where additional bronze medals are awarded.

「For events such as judo and wrestling, which are tournament formats, one more bronze medal is awarded after going through a ‘repeat match’ as matchmaking luck can play a role.” 【Question 2】 Woo Sang-hyeok, the hope of

high jump, entered Hangzhou today. ?

Yes, high jumper Woo Sang-hyuk, the first Korean athlete to win the World Association of Athletics Federations Diamond League Final, arrived in Hangzhou today 카지노사이트(27th).

As a ‘smile jumper’, he is an impressive player with a grin while eliciting applause from the audience. Would you like to see the winning scene for a moment?

— Woo Sang-hyuk VCR —

He was confident of a game with no regrets ahead of his match against his rival, Qatar Barsim, who has competed for the gold medal in every competition.

▶ Interview: Woo Sang-hyuk / National High Jump Team Member
– “(When competing against Barsim) I think the outcome will depend on the condition of the day… I will play with as much fun as possible and jump hard. I will fight. Fighting!”

Baseball will head to Hangzhou tomorrow (28th) to challenge for its first four consecutive gold medals.

“Yesterday, in the practice game, we won 2-0 thanks to the performances of Moon Dong-ju and Noh Si-hwan, and the mood is on the rise. 」

▶ Interview: Park Se-woong / National Baseball Team (Pitcher)
– “We are preparing for the Taiwan game with all our might, and after the Taiwan game, we have to prepare for the Japan game… I will prepare to win.”

【 Question 3 】
In a sports game, the reaction of both players after the game is as important as the result. I heard that the North Korean players’ reactions are different each time.

Yes, after our team beat North Korea and took first place in the men’s 10m running target team event, we saw North Korea refuse to take pictures.

The athletes who received silver medals did not look at our athletes who were tapping their shoulders with gloomy expressions, and even cried when the national anthem was sung.

“However, a day later, yesterday (26th), one of the athletes standing on this podium, North Korea’s Kwon Kwang-il, was captured shaking hands with our athlete Jeong Yu-jin after winning the match.” “Also, North Korea’s female judo athlete

. While we shook hands with our judo player, the male judo player declined our player’s handshake offer, showing a reaction that goes back and forth depending on the outcome of the match. 」

Meanwhile, North Korea first reported the news of the Asian Games in a video yesterday through Chosun Central TV.

Looking at the video, it appears that another country’s video was used without permission. The scoreboard at the top left of the screen was mosaiced and then the scoreboard was created and added at the bottom of the screen.

It appears that the goal was to proudly inform the North Korean people of their third consecutive win in the men’s soccer group match.

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