[MDHangzhou] ‘Laundering the Unmannerly Card?” Park Jinseob, “Choosing for the Team…It was awkward to act because it was a corner kick after 6 years”

Hwang Sun-hong’s wildcard defender Park Jin-seop shares his thoughts on ‘card laundering’.

Hwang Sun-hong’s South Korea Under-24 national soccer team defeated Thailand 4-0 in their second group game of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Jinhua Stadium in China at 7:30 p.m. local time on Nov. 21.

All four goals came in the first half. Go opened the scoring in the 14th minute when Hong Hyun-seok headed home a cross from Go Young-joon, and Ahn Jae-joon added a right-footed finish five minutes later. In the 39th minute, Uhm Won-sang extended the lead with a precise shot after finding space behind the defense, and in the final minute of the first half, Lee Jae-ik scored from a set piece.

With six points (two wins) from two games with 13 goals scored and no goals conceded, South Korea topped the group and qualified for the round of 16 regardless of the outcome of their third game against Bahrain.

Korea/Korea Football Association celebrates the goal

Speaking to the media after the game, Park Jin-seop said, “We needed to win today to secure first place in the group, but the players were focused from the start, so the goals came quickly and the game was easy. It was a good game.”

Regarding the clean sheet, he said, “Scoring multiple goals is good, but as a defender, I’m more happy to keep a clean sheet. The coach has been emphasizing clean sheets and we have to be more careful in the tournament, so we are paying a lot of attention.”

Park received a yellow card in the seventh minute of the second half. But it wasn’t for defending. Park stepped up to take a corner kick and hesitated, stalling for time. The referee then issued a warning.

After being cautioned in Game 1 and again in Game 2, Park was unable to take part in Game 3. In the first place, Park handled the kick himself when he was not the kicker, and deliberately chose the suspension game to be the third game of the tournament, where the result was meaningless.

“The purpose was to get rid of the warning quickly before the round of 16. I was actually prepared, but my performance was so awkward that the players outside laughed a lot. I hadn’t taken a corner kick in six years, so it was very awkward. (Lee) Kang-in also said something,바카라사이트” he explained.

Park Jin-seop/Korea Football Association

Park Jin-seop/Korea Football Association

“The referee kept looking at me, so I was wondering if I should kick it or not. The referee didn’t give me a warning, so I kept acting awkwardly,” he added.

The practice of “card laundering,” or accumulating warnings early in preparation for an important game, has been criticized as unsportsmanlike conduct.

Park explained that the team’s situation was important. “First of all, it was necessary to prepare for the tournament in terms of player composition. It was an unavoidable choice because it would have been damaging to the team if he was unable to play in an important match.”

Park Jin-seop and Baek Seung-ho/Korea Football Association

“I try to say as little as possible and open my wallet (laughs). Right now, (Baek) Seung-ho is doing a great job as captain. I’m helping him a little bit on the sidelines, and before the game, we only talk briefly because there are a lot of good players. I usually try to smile a lot,” he explained.

The national team was finally complete with the addition of Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain). Park said, “First of all, we all feel his influence. It’s a great addition to the team. Condition Group

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