‘Now we are 6 points behind second place’ Coach Hong Myung-bo, who doesn’t give a damn, only looks at the team, not the players

It was an adventure like gambling. Seol Young-woo and Eom Won-sang are not the only players selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Kim Young-kwon, Cho Hyun-woo, Jeong Seung-hyun,바카라 and Lee Dong-kyung, who returned from their international tour of Europe, were also excluded from the best 11. Jeong Seung-hyun and Lee Dong-kyung were not even named in the entry. In the case of Cho Hyun-woo and Kim Young-kwon, they did not play even one minute in the two-game series against Wales and Saudi Arabia. Normally, the goalkeeper and center back positions are not greatly affected by A-match variables.

However, Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo’s judgment was different. Even Cho Hyun-woo was excluded, saying it was a decision for the players who trained silently in Ulsan. The captaincy was also replaced during the season. Captain Jeong Seung-hyeon and vice-captain Lee Myeong-jae and Lee Gyu-seong were deleted. Kim Ki-hee and Joo Min-gyu were newly appointed as captain and vice-captain, respectively. The Asian Champions League (ACL) group stage begins on the 19th. Starting this season, the ACL will be transformed into a new season. They said times have changed. Director Hong explained that it was a change of atmosphere because it was a new beginning, but it was a renewal plan with many meanings.

No player is greater than the team. This is the first philosophy of ‘Hong Myung-bo soccer.’ Any team faces a crisis. Ulsan, which was on the verge of breaking all records as the ‘absolute best’, was no exception. After Park Yong-woo’s transfer, they began to falter. The crisis is still ongoing. In this process, not only the captain but also key resources within the team were unable to focus. The existing captaincy team has already experienced internal trouble due to the controversy over ‘racism’ on social media.

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