Even a former national team coach was indicted… Contemplating measures for ‘kickback transactions’ for joining the pro ranks

Football Association to hold fair committee soon
Professional Federation excludes
Choi Tae-wook from work Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism considers full investigation and filing of reports

When 10 people, including national team, professional, university, and elementary school leaders, professional team employees, agents, and parents, were indicted by the prosecution on the 13th for bribery transactions related to soccer players joining professional teams, the Korea Football Association, the Professional Football League, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism prepared measures. I am struggling with.

The Korea Football Association plans to hold a Sports Fair Committee meeting soon. Activities against the indicted leaders, including former men’s national soccer team coach Choi Tae-wook (pictured), former Ansan professional soccer team coach Lim Jong-heon, Hwaseong FC (3rd division league) coach Shin, and two former college soccer team coaches, as well as agent Choi, who was deeply involved in bribery transactions. This is to discuss a temporary ban. Former director Lim and agent Choi have already been arrested. The association said, “We are considering whether we can temporarily suspend activities for other people who are being tried without detention until the final court decision is made.”

The Professional Football League immediately excluded former coach Choi Tae-wook from the work of the league’s Technical Research Group (TSG) after the announcement of the prosecution’s indictment.스포츠토토 The federation said, “It is not realistically easy to immediately discipline professional leaders and professional team employees just by indicting the prosecution,” and added, “We will discuss whether to take additional disciplinary action by combining the future trial process and the results of the Korea Football Association Fair Committee judgment.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which is in charge of managing and supervising the Korea Football Association and the Professional Football League, is conducting a thorough investigation of professional baseball and soccer players, identifying the professional teams with which agent Choi did business and the players they manage, and accepting bribes on the premise of joining the team. We are considering receiving reports of corruption. Kim Jeong-bae, full-time vice-president of the Korea Football Association, is a former vice minister of culture and culture. It is expected that meaningful measures will be taken as discussions on countermeasures between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Football Association progress smoothly.

Among university leaders, former soccer coaches at Yonsei University and Soongsil University were indicted on charges of breach of trust. The University Sports Council (KUSF), which manages, supervises and supports universities with athletic departments, said, “Soongsil University is a university that receives athletic support funds from KUSF,” and added, “There is a provision that can limit university support even if indicted by a prosecutor.” revealed.

Ansan City is currently conducting an audit of the soccer team and is reviewing measures such as restricting the work of employees related to this incident and renewing the division of work. Ansan City officials only gave a general answer, saying, “We will conduct our own audit and take strict action if any illegal or unfair matters are discovered within the club.”

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