In the presence of ‘Ballon d’Or candidate’ Kim Min-jae, a wall monster who led 2 A matches without conceding a goal with his best defense

 We didn’t have to worry too much about defense because we had a ‘monster’.

National soccer team defender Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich) started and played the full time in a friendly match against Saudi Arabia held at St. James Park in Newcastle, 소닉카지노England on the 13th (Korean time), contributing to the team’s 1-0 scoreless victory. .

Kim Min-jae played as the left center back of the back four and led the defense. In this day’s game, the stability of right center back Jeong Seung-hyun and defensive midfielder Park Yong-woo was relatively poor. The two players often missed passes in the defensive area, giving possession of the ball to the opponent. It was a development that could have been defeated by Saudi Arabia, which is good at counterattacking.

However, Kim Min-jae was solid and unwavering. He blocked the advance of the Saudi Arabian attackers with his entire body and did not allow any opportunities. He covered his wide range of activity with his unique explosive speed and turned around the opponent’s breakthrough with his overwhelming physicality. At the end of the second half when he was on the defensive, he showed his fighting spirit and took the lead in recording a scoreless score. In Saudi Arabia, where power was low, Kim Min-jae was a ‘wall’ that was impossible to overcome.

Kim Min-jae also served as the starting point of the attack with a sharp pass from the back. In particular, the scene in the 3rd minute of the second half was the highlight. He connected with a ‘ground ball pass that splits the ground’ towards Son Heung-min, who was penetrating into the space behind the defense, and then followed up with Lee Jae-seong’s sharp shot. Afterwards, Kim Min-jae showed an explosive breakthrough from the left side, earning a corner kick.

Kim Min-jae also started as a starter in the match against Wales on the 8th and contributed to the scoreless draw. He performed the most brilliantly on the team, providing high-quality passes to Son Heung-min with a stable defense.

The national team recorded no goals in two consecutive international matches held in September. His offensive power was not strong enough to only score one point in two games, but there were no major problems with his defense. It was a two-game series in which the stability of the back four centered around Kim Min-jae stood out. It was a performance that was in clear contrast to last June when Kim Min-jae was not there.

Kim Min-jae left Naples and transferred to German giant Bayern Munich during the summer transfer window. Despite a late start to his pre-season training due to his basic military training, he has been playing consistently and is getting his condition back on track. He is melting into the team by starting all three games since the opening.

Kim Min-jae, who led Naples to winning the Italian Serie A in the 2022-2023 season, was also named as a Ballon d’Or candidate. In addition to Kim Min-jae, there are only three centre-back candidates: Ruben Dias and Joszko Gvardiol (Manchester City). He has become an unquestionable ‘world class’ defender and is also contributing greatly to Lake Klinsmann. Last March, there were times when he was shaken due to mental and physical fatigue, but he regained his original appearance with a more mature appearance.

Francesco De Core, a reporter for Italian media outlet Il Martino, commented on the recent situation in Naples, saying, “Minjae Kim’s absence is clearly felt,” and added, “Minjae Kim was a player who also helped his teammates’ abilities.” Watching this two-game international match, you can clearly see why Kim Min-jae is evaluated this way. The influence of one center back on a different level on a team is greater than you can imagine.

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