“I feel like I’m getting all the attention I haven’t received in three years.” Kim Ji-hoo, looking for a comeback at Sono

Kim Ji-hoo (31, 187cm), who started a new home in Sono, is aiming for a comeback.

On the 1st of last month, Jihoo Kim experienced another change in his basketball life. He left Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and transferred to Goyang Sono. Currently, he is adapting smoothly to Sono. Starting on the 11th, he continues his training by going to Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do for field training.

Kim Ji-hoo, whom we met after training on the afternoon of the 12th, said, “I think I’ve adapted to the team to some extent now. Coach Kim Seung-gi is giving us a lot of opportunities for practice games. It’s good to run a lot, but I feel like I’m lacking a lot. So, I’m having a bit of a hard time,” he said.

The reason behind Kim Ji-hoo’s transfer to Sono was a strong request from coach Kim Seung-gi. Coach Kim Seung-gi highly praised Kim Ji-hoo’s outside shooting ability. He pays a lot of attention to Ji-hoo Kim during his practice games, calling him aside and giving him instructions.

“I am just so grateful. The coach tells me to move around a lot and shoot diligently. They tell us to just work hard on defense. I feel like I’m getting all the attention here that I haven’t received in three years (laughs). If you get attention, you have to do well, but the more you do it, the more you feel like you’re lacking. So I’m going to try harder.” These are the words of Jihoo Kim.

바카라Sono is a team that enjoys shooting 3-point shots based on wide spacing. This season, Jeon Seong-hyun, Lee Jeong-hyun, and Jarrod Jones are expected to be at the center of the attack. If Kim Ji-hoo also explodes, they can become a more powerful team.

Regarding this, Kim Ji-hoo said, “I think the defense will be more focused on (Lee) Jung-hyun and (Jeon) Seong-hyun than on me. If I put in what I take out, I think I’m doing my part. “I want to utilize my strengths and be of help to the team,” he said.

Kim Ji-hoo did not qualify as a free agent (FA) due to insufficient number of games played in the past two seasons. Because of this, he is preparing even more eagerly for the new season. He is aiming for two birds with one stone: a comeback and a free agent hit.

Kim Ji-hoo said, “I haven’t been able to exercise my rights even once because the free agency has been delayed for two years. I want to work hard and hit the free agency jackpot as I have the opportunity this season. “I will do my best to carry out what the coach wants and help the team achieve good results,” he said.

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