“It’s that habit again! Why you were sacked from Chelsea”…Tuchel ‘explodes’ over player recruitment complaints, forcing Chelsea to sack ‘UCL-winning manager’

In a shocking turn of events, Thomas Tuchel recently took a “public snipe” at the head of Bayern Munich.

Tuchel took a shot at Bayern Munich CEO Jan Christian Dresden over his dissatisfaction with player signings. Bayern Munich spent a club-record €100 million ($142.3 billion)카지노 on Harry Kane in the summer transfer window and €50 million ($71.1 billion) on Kim Min-jae.

But Tuchel was not satisfied. He needed more players to win the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this season, and it didn’t happen.

After the third round of the Bundesliga against Mönchengladbach, Tuchel said, “Our squad is too thin. I’m not satisfied. There is a noticeable imbalance. The squad lacks depth. If we are lucky, we will survive until the winter transfer window,” he said.

When asked who was responsible for the imbalance in the squad, Tuchel said: “There is no point in pointing fingers. “It’s not my fault, as some people say, it’s his job,” Tuchel told Dresden’s CEO.

Dresden wasn’t having it. “I still think my team is the best,” he said. Now Tuchel has to be a little more creative. That’s Tuchel’s job and the coach’s job. There have been times when we have found great talent because of injuries. It’s a reminder,” he said of Tuchel.

For Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL), it’s a sigh of relief. Because it happened to them, too. That’s why Chelsea fired the UCL champions’ manager despite the backlash from many fans.

“Tuchel is furious with Bayern Munich,” says the UK’s Mirror. He is incredibly irritated. The complaints have not stopped. Tuchel is at odds with Bayern Munich again, a year after he was sacked by Chelsea. This phenomenon has already happened at Chelsea. Chelsea owner Todd Boeli was a key reason for Tuchel’s dismissal,” the report said.

“Conte sacked Tuchel just 13 months after winning the UCL title. It was a surprise. The reason was a disagreement over the club’s vision. Tuchel was sacked because he didn’t understand the philosophy of Chelsea and Conte. In particular, Tuchel was unhappy with Chelsea’s transfer policy. At the time, Chelsea insisted that Tuchel was a talented manager but needed to communicate with the clubs he was doing business with.”

“Tuchel sees something different from what we see,” Boeli said at the time. I can’t judge who is right and who is wrong, but Tuchel and Chelsea did not share a vision for the future of the club. We want to find a manager who can really collaborate with Chelsea’s vision and our goal is to be a one-man team,” he said.

“This situation is also happening at Bayern Munich,” the outlet continued. Tuchel is really upsetting the hierarchy at Bayern Munich. Only time will tell if Bayern Munich is disappointed in Tuchel.”

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