A missed call, a missed grounder…and an incredible upset.

You know those games you think you’ve won, but when you wake up, you’ve lost?
Reporter Kim Han-joon collects the crucial moments that led to the upset.

바카라 In the bottom of the ninth inning, with two outs and a runner on first base, LG second baseman Shin Min-jae’s toss was caught by shortstop Oh Ji-hwan.

I thought the game was over, but the umpire waved his hand.

▶ Interview with the commentators

  • “I think it hit the second base umpire. I thought it was out of bounds, but it definitely hit the body.”

Due to a rule that advances runners when the ball hits the umpire’s body, it turns into a bases-loaded jam.

With the game out of hand, LG was faced with a game-ending defeat.

Again, with one out, a hard-hit grounder rolls in front of Hanwha shortstop Ha Ju-seok.

He doesn’t get a good grip on the ball, and a series of unfortunate events ensue, costing Hanwha the game.

The error spreads like a plague.

The catcher throws the ball into the outfield instead of third base, giving up a run, and then the first baseman can’t catch the grounder either, giving up an extra run.

The pitcher hits what should have been a walk-off hit, but the second baseman misses the ball and gives up a run.

The team changes pitchers after a mental breakdown, but even the new pitcher throws a bad throw to first base.

▶ Interview: Broadcast commentators

  • “It’s hard not to feel like we’re falling apart, and we’re doing all the wrong things on defense today.”

Strange scenes that make the game end in defeat, the dugout and the fans are going back and forth.

This is MBN News’ Kim Han-jun.

Video Editor : Lee Dong-min

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