“Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun, talents I don’t have…I envy them” Hanwha’s 33-year-old transformer ‘encourages’ 160km duo [MD Chang-won]

“It’s a talent I don’t have.”

Hanwha right-hander Lee Tae-yang, 33, will make a homecoming in the 2022-2023 free agency market for four years and 2.5 billion won. It will be two-and-a-half years since he was traded to SK in June 2020, and as always, Lee is committed to his role.

바카라 During her time with SSG, she bounced between the starting rotation and the bullpen. Going from the bullpen to the starting rotation is easy, but going from the bullpen to the starting rotation is never easy because you have to increase your pitch count. However, Lee adapted exceptionally well during her time at SSG.

She felt and learned a lot from SSG. When she won her first start in six years and two months against Changwon NC on the 16th, she said, “I was in SSG for three years, but I had a love for Hanwha in my heart. I am grateful to the club for allowing me to come back. I wanted to show that I can be competitive as a starter,” he said.

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On what she learned from SSG, Lee said, “I had a really good experience last year (winning the SSG overall title). I had an experience that other teams wouldn’t pay for. I didn’t play the lead role in a big game, but it was different to play a supporting role. I feel like it broadens my perspective on baseball.”

For example, he can now think about two or three pitches and throw the first pitch instead of just one. “I think that’s definitely changed,” said Lee. It was an unforgettable experience.” Naturally, Lee uses her unique experience at SSG to guide her juniors at Hanwha.

We talked about Hanwha’s top rookies, Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. “Kim Seo-hyun and Moon Dong-joo have talents that I don’t have,” says Lee. They are the center of attention, which can be a burden, but on the other hand, they are the object of envy for others.”

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He’s right. No one can easily throw 155-160 kilometers like Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun. Speed is the realm of the gods. There is a saying that a natural pitcher is better than a hard-working pitcher, but the same cannot be said for speed. Even if you can improve it through training, it’s hard to surpass the natural speed of Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun.

“Dong-ju and Seo-hyun should be humble on the outside,” says Lee. But in their hearts, they think, ‘I am the main character. You have to have that mentality. Pitching is confidence. Age is a weapon. They have nothing to lose. I want you to play baseball with the idea that you are the main character without losing your confidence.”

He even said, “If you keep working hard from now on, you can get better treatment and more money to play baseball when you are 30.” It seemed like the two fastball juniors were overwhelmed by the attention, but it was an encouragement that they didn’t have to be.

Hanwha’s Lee Tae-yang/My Daily

Kim Seo-hyun struggled against Doosan in Daejeon on Nov. 11, giving up four runs on three hits in 2⅔ innings with two walks and eight strikeouts. He made his long-awaited starting pitching debut on the 17th against the Changwon NC. Still, Lee hopes that Kim will not lose confidence.

“I didn’t talk to her after the last game on purpose. She must have felt a lot. If I talked to her at that time, she wouldn’t listen. He must have felt that professional baseball is not easy. Then we can do better next year, the next year, and the next year.” Hanwha also has good seniors. It’s a great environment for Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun.  

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