‘Turning it around’ Ha Yun-ki “going for gold in a combative way”

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In just one year, a player has transformed himself into the next centre for the Korean men’s national basketball team.

Reporter Sohn Jang-hoon meets Ha Yoon-ki, an eight-armed beauty who has gained confidence in his ability to control the floor.

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A lanky 2m 7cm centre.

A dunk from overhead.

바카라사이트 To the blocked shot that perfectly blocked a pass under the basket.

Ha Yun-ki was a dominant presence in the two exhibition games against Japan last month.

[Ha Yun-ki/Korea Basketball Team]
“It was so exciting, the cheers were so loud, it was so good, and I think I played with 100 per cent because I didn’t want to lose.”

Despite turning pro two years ago and turning heads with her spectacular play, including winning the All-Star Game dunk contest, the national team has been a challenge.

He didn’t even make the roster last year due to his lack of outside scoring ability.

However, I didn’t give up and improved my weaknesses, and now I have the confidence to be on par with Oh Se-geun and Kim Jong-kyu.

[Ha Yun-ki/National Basketball Team]
“When I think back to when I was eliminated (from last year’s national team), I think I looked like I had a lot of energy, but I practised my shooting a lot in the off-season, and people around me said, ‘You’ve gained a lot of confidence’…”

He also talks about his hidden charms.

She’s as good as a singer.

“After the last drop of water dries up, all that’s left is to give up~”

[Ha Yoon-ki/Basketball National Team]
“When I’m stressed, I now scream. When I’m feeling sentimental, I (sing) ballads. When my brothers say, ‘Do a song, pick a song,’ I just sing unaccompanied.”

Ha got a lucky break when the Asian Games were postponed by a year.

He hopes to win his first gold medal in nine years.

[Ha Yun-ki/Korea Basketball Team].
“I want to show that I can’t be pushed around, that I can be combative, and I think about it a lot. Winning a gold medal is a huge honour, and I really want to win it.”

This is Jang Hoon Son, MBC News.

Reporting by Nam Hyun-taek / Editing by Jung Sun-woo

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