‘Shock! Secrets of Kane deal breakdown revealed’…Levy ups the ante, demands EPL’s highest ever transfer fee of ‘160 million’! Levy’s greed ruined it

Harry Kane is likely to stay at Tottenham after all.

“Tottenham have rejected a final offer from Bayern Munich,” local media outlets, including the UK’s Express, reported in unison.

According to local media, Bayern Munich had made two previous bids that were rejected, with the final offer of £85 million 스포츠토토($142.8 billion) being the club’s highest ever.

However, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy had other ideas. Levy was adamant that he would not sell Kane for less than £100 million ($168 billion).

Levy and Bayern Munich’s hierarchy met face-to-face to try and narrow the gap, but they were unable to come to an agreement. In the end, Levy rejected Bayern’s final offer.

Bayern Munich also announced their withdrawal from the race for Kane. It can be assumed that they tried everything they could, but decided it was no longer possible.

Tottenham’s rejection of Bayern’s final offer means that Kane will remain at Spurs. Kane has reportedly made it clear that he won’t go anywhere other than Bayern Munich, so it’s expected that he’ll play for Spurs this season and then reapply for Bayern Munich in free agency next year.

However, the “story” behind the breakdown in negotiations has been revealed. While it doesn’t change much from what we’ve been told, the details are different. Mr. Levy’s ‘greed’ is shocking.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Levy raised the price of Kane in the final negotiations with Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich offered £86 million ($144.4 billion), higher than the previously reported £85 million. In response, Levy asked for £120 million ($166 million) rather than the reported £100 million.

“Bayern Munich’s offer was rejected as Tottenham increased their price for Kane,” the outlet emphasized.

Levy’s greed is a disaster. The £120 million is the highest transfer fee in EPL history. The £168 million ($179.4 billion) Chelsea paid for Enzo Fernandes in the winter transfer window is the highest transfer fee in EPL history. Levy has asked for more than that.

Levy wanted to make Kane the most expensive player in EPL history. And he wanted the most money.

The general consensus is that no matter how great Kane is, this is a lot of money for a player who is over 30 years old and has only one year left on his contract. This is what prevented Kane from joining Bayern Munich.

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